Our Facility

A full fledged state of the art powder coating unit that is built up on half an acre of land.

Pre-treatment Tanks

We have a number of tanks of different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of materials with different sizes and compositions.

  • 12ft x 6ft x 5ft - 8 Tanks
  • 22ft x 25ft x 5ft - 4 Tanks

Powder Coating Booths

We have designed and manufactured our powder coating booths to minimise the powder wastage and in turn do our part to help keep the environment clean.

Booth Dimensions :

  • 8ft x 8ft x 12 ft walk-in booth - 1 No
  • 8ft x 8ft x 8ft walk-in booth - 1 No
  • 6 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft Booth - 1 No

Powder Coating Equipment

We use internationally acclaimed brands of equipments for powder coating application to meet our customer requirements and provide them with the best possible quality.

Powder Coating Equipment Details :
  • GEMA OPTIMA - 2 nos. (Made in Switzerland)
  • GEMA MPS - 1 no. (Made in Switzerland)
  • GEMA ECF - 1 no. (Made in Switzerland)
  • ELECTRON - 1 no. (Made in Turkey)

Powder Coating Oven

We have three ovens which are designed and manufactured to provide uniform curing throughout their length and breadth. They are built to accommodate components of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • One 25 ft x 7 ft x 7ft - Diesel fired oven
  • One 12 ft x 8 Ft x 6 ft - Diesel fired oven.

Effluent Treatment Plant

We have a proper Effluent Treatment Plant with a two-stage RO unit to treat the chemicals Approved by the Pollution Control Board.